Jason Momoa Apologizes for ‘Distasteful’ Rape Joke Following Video Backlash

The former ‘Game of Thrones’ actor came under fire on Thursday for comments he made in 2011.

“It is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize with a heavy heart for the words I said. All apologies, Jason.”

issued a public apology on Friday after a video resurfaced of the actor saying he got to “rape beautiful women” on Game of Thrones.

While some fans assert his comments were taken out of context, others claim the discussion was a clear example of rape culture.

“I awoke in Australia to the justified reactions by many people to a distasteful joke I made years go in Hall H for which I am sorry,” Momoa wrote, recalling his 2011 Comic-Con appearance.

“I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day,” theJustice League star went on. “I know my sincerest apology now won’t take away those hurtful words. Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends.”

“I made a truly tasteless comment,” he reiterated. “It is unacceptable and I sincerely apologize with a heavy heart for the words I said. All apologies, Jason.”


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As previously reported, a video of Momoa discussing his role as Khal Drogo resurfaced on Twitter on Thursday, drawing renewed attention to what some consider disturbing language:

“…as far as sci-fi and fantasy, I love that there’s so many things you can do,” Momoa said at the time, “like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and rape beautiful women.”

It’s up to interpretation as to whether Momoa meant to praise these freedoms or not.

Do you think Momoa was out of line? Are you pleased with his apology? Share your thoughts below!

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