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    Harry Styles (and his butt) kisses the last of his 2017 Tour Dates Goodbye!

    Harry Styles signs off 2017 in style

    Harry Styles signs off 2017 in style

    After four months of a debut solo tour, Harry Styles is kissing 2017 goodbye. The former One Direction member officially wrapped up this year’s tour dates with a gig in Tokyo on Friday and he took to social media to reflect on the experience and celebrate what’s still to come.

    “Everyone who came out to see us this year, you’ve been incredible,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been overwhelmed by your support over and over again.”

    Earlier this month, Harry performed at the 2017 ARIA Awards in Sydney before playing SOLD OUT shows across the nation before flying to New Zeland.

    Knowing none of it would be possible without his band, Harry also shared a send-off post with his touring musicians.

    Harry then gave fans one final image to quench their thirst until 2018: a sassy photograph that highlights his rear end. He is already “looking forward to next time.”

    Harry’s tour is, fortunately for fans, far from over. He picks back up next year in March with another massive stretch of gigs that will keep him on the road well into the summer months.

    (Photo credit: Hélène Marie Pambrun Instagram account)

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    Queer Eye: Meet The New Fab 5

    It’s been fifteen years since the Emmy Award-winning series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy revolutionized reality television.

    The series returns to Netflix and is going global, introducing audiences around the world to a modern aesthetic, diverse perspective and a brand new Fab Five: Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine),Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Karamo Brown (Culture), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming) and Tan France (Fashion).

    This season Queer Eye trades its original New York setting for communities in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

    The new Fab Five will forge relationships with men and women from a wide array of backgrounds and beliefs often contrary to their own, touching on everything from LGBTQ rights and social commentary to how to make the best farm-to-table guacamole and more!

    Queer Eye is set to air on Netflix in February 2018. More information @ www.netflix.com/queereye

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    Nick Jonas appearing in “Jumanji” was ‘Special’, hopes to be back in Australia soon

    Nick Jonas found it “special” to be part of a film with a “legacy” like ‘Jumanji’.

    The 25-year-old star appears alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan in the sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams classic, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’, and said he “fell in love with all these characters” when reading the script.

    Speaking exclusively to Hollywood Treatment at the UK premiere of the new film at Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Thursday, Jonas said: “I was obviously a huge fan of the original.

    “Robin Williams’ performance is brilliant. The film as a whole is one of my favourites so to be able to be part of something like this that has a legacy like that, is something special.

    “But when I read the script, I fell in love with all these characters. And the use of the body swap in this way was really original and I knew they would nail it. And this cast is just dynamite.”

    Unlike the original, the new film follows four high school teenagers who discover an old video game console and are transported into the game’s jungle setting, becoming the adult avatars they chose.

    The four must work together to survive in the jungle and beat the game in order to return to the real world or they will be stuck forever.

    ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ features a stellar cast of comedians and Jonas said it was “sometimes funnier” once the cameras stopped rolling.

    He shared: “It was just as funny off-screen, maybe sometimes funnier. We all had a great time together.

    “You know, on top of getting all the work done and being professional, we did have a lot of fun and did our best to make the environment for everybody on set really special.”

    In a recent interview with The Kyle and Jackie O’ Show, Kyle asked Nick if he’d be back in Australia soon he replied:

    “I hope so, You know. During the Jumuni press tour, we’re probably going to come out to Australia. I miss you guys”

    “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” hits Aussie theatres on Boxing Day (December 26, 2017).

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    Darren Criss to Release ‘Homework’ EP, First Solo Project in Over Seven Years

    Darren Criss has announced the release of his first solo project in more than seven years, an indie EP titled “Homework.”

    The Emmy-nominated “Glee” actor and musical artist said he named the EP “Homework” primarily for two reasons. “For starters, I made it mostly at home. Whether writing or recording it at my own place or at friends’, it’s about as homegrown as you can get. It was produced mostly with real live instruments, getting back to what really started my life as a songwriter in the first place — guitars and pianos and words and music,” Criss said in a message to his fans. “The main idea behind this was to embrace me just being me as much as possible in the hopes of it reaching you in some kind of positive way.”

    “Secondly, homework always took me way too long to do. It’s true what they say — an artist’s work is never done,” he continued. “It never feels ‘done’ until it’s out there for someone else to experience. And so here I am, ‘finishing’ it by releasing it into the world, and encouraging it to live its own life with you. You who have waited very patiently and supported me tirelessly through the years– my family and friends from school growing up in San Francisco, my friends from college in Ann Arbor, the fans that kicked off my career and the new ones that are interested into diving a little deeper into my backstory. This one’s for you. So here, I did some homework.”

    Watch Criss’s new music video and view the “Homework” EP tracklisting below.


    1. Foolish Thing
    2. I Dreamed A Dream
    3. Going Nowhere
    4. I Don’t Mind
    5. The Day That The Dance Is Over

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    ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Gets the Green Light!

    On Friday morning, HBO announced that Big Little Lies has been given the green light for another season. That means both Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Celeste (Nicole Kidman) will return for Season 2, which will be directed entirely by Andrea Arnold, who is best known for her work on Transparent. As someone who genuinely enjoyed the first season of Big Little Lies, you would think I would be celebrating the show’s renewal. Think again. [Spoilers ahead] 

    According to Vulture, Season 2 will introduce Michael Perkins, the kids’ new second-grade teacher who riles up Renata Klein (Laura Dern) after he introduces lessons on global warming. Maybe this guy will be the target of the ladies’ wrathful suburban fury? I wouldn’t count on it. 

    Don’t get me wrong, Big Little Lies was a phenomenal series. Nicole Kidman was an absolute force. The show managed to portray domestic abuse with nuance, and integrity (not easily done). The setting was breathtaking, and the soundtrack was killer. 

    Most importantly, the ending felt final. The stakes were high and the show delivered. Loose ends were tied, violent men were killed, and I was happy. There was no more cattiness, no more abuse, just pure motherly love. 

    When I finished the seventh and final episode of Season 1, I felt the satisfactory amount of full. The miniseries had been the perfect meal. 

    So why, HBO, are you handing me the dessert menu when I insisted I was done?  

    I know why. Big Little Lies walked away with 8 awards at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. No way in Monterey would the network let that kind of show ride off into the sunset. And yes, there were many fans clamoring to see a follow-up season from the series. And yes, Andrea Arnold is a brilliant directorial choice for the series.  

    But, what ever happened to “if you love something let it go?” Or “moderation is key?” Or “Quit while you’re ahead?”

    And before you give me the whole, “you can just choose not to watch it,” of course I am going to watch it. If you bring out a dessert that I did not order and place it on my table, I will eat it. I don’t care if I am full. I will eat it.

    So with that said, I’ll catch y’all when Season 2 rolls around.

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    Ryan Reynolds Is Voicing Detective Pikachu in a Live-Action Pokémon Movie

    Ryan Reynolds is joining the first-ever-live-action Pokemon film called ‘Detective Pikachu’.

    The 41-year-old actor is joining Justice Smith and ‘Big Little Lies’ star Kathryn Newton in the movie, which is based on the popular gaming franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Although Reynolds’ role has yet to be revealed, the film is set to follow Smith’s teenage character Tim Goodman, who has to team up with the mouse-like Pikachu in order to find his father who has been kidnapped.

    Newton is set to star as a journalist.

    In the game franchise, Detective Pikachu isn’t as agile as the normal fan favourite Pokemon, so has to rely on his intelligence to beat his enemies, and he gets help from Tim who is the only boy who can understand what the he says, to solve Pokemon-related crimes.

    Rob Letterman is set to helm the new movie and has teamed up with Legendary Entertainment to oversee the upcoming movie which has been written by ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch who has worked on ‘Gravity Falls’, according to Variety.

    Rather than a standalone film it is expected that ‘Detective Pikachu’ will act as a launch pad for a franchise.

    The Pokemon Company’s long-standing movie collaborator, Toho, will handle distribution of the film franchise in Japan, as it recently worked in partnership with Legendary on the reboot for the ‘Godzilla’ franchise.

    Reynolds has just wrapped up filming the highly-anticipated sequel to ‘Deadpool’ where he stars as the foul-mouthed titular character which is set for release next year.

    Smith, 22, shot to fame in the Netflix musical drama series ‘The Get Down’ and was handpicked by director Baz Luhrmann and the actor then landed one of the leads in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’.

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    ‘The Crown’ Stars Matt Smith and Claire Foy Sound Off on the Royal Engagement

    The Crown‘s Matt Smith shared his thoughts on Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle. At a talk hosted by Vanity Fair, the star of the Netflix drama said he felt “sorry” for the soon-to-be royal.

    “I feel sorry for her. It’s such a transition in her life, and it’s such a huge thing to take on,” Smith reasoned. “Life as she knows it is gone. But hey, she’s marrying the prince of Britain — how exciting for her.”

    For two season the actor has played the husband to Claire Foy‘s Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. Presumably, the role has given Smith some insight on the constraints and pressure felt by members of the British royal family.

    Foy also weighed in on the engagement, commenting on the evolution of the Monarchy.

    “You realize the fact that Elizabeth forbade her sister from marrying a divorced man.” She continued, “It goes to show how time has changed and how they’ve had to evolve.” 

    Had Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story taken place decades prior, the chances of their engagement securing the Queen’s approval would have been slim. 

    “This would not have been conceivable, this would not have happened 50 years ago,” reckoned Foy. “And I think that’s why the monarchy will survive, and thrive, because it’s willing to change and listen to the people and realize that some elements of the institution are outdated and unnecessary.” 

    Ten points to House of Windsor for progress!

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    J.K. Rowling Responds to Backlash Over Johnny Depp’s ‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Casting

    The verdict is in on J.K. Rowling‘s excuse for supporting Johnny Depp, and it’s a swift “hell no” from, well, pretty much everyone.

    The Harry Potter author, who is known as a champion for women and minority groups, came under fire after Depp was cast as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The decision surprised many fans who wondered why Rowling would support assigning Depp a starring role given his sketchy history. In 2016, the actor was accused of domestic abuse by former wife Amber Heard.

    Not only did Heard provide photo and video evidence of this abuse, but Depp’s friends and business associates corroborated the claim that he was mentally and emotionally unstable. Heard went on to be awarded a $7 million settlement, donating it to charity in full.

    On the morning of December 7, Rowling tweeted, “I’m saying what I can about the Grindelwald casting issue here,” sharing a link to a post on her website.

    Here is her post in its entirety:

    “When Johnny Depp was cast as Grindelwald, I thought he’d be wonderful in the role. However, around the time of filming his cameo in the first movie, stories had appeared in the press that deeply concerned me and everyone most closely involved in the franchise.

    “Harry Potter fans had legitimate questions and concerns about our choice to continue with Johnny Depp in the role. As David Yates, long-time Potter director, has already said, we naturally considered the possibility of recasting. I understand why some have been confused and angry about why that didn’t happen.

    “The huge, mutually supportive community that has grown up around Harry Potter is one of the greatest joys of my life. For me personally, the inability to speak openly to fans about this issue has been difficult, frustrating and at times painful. However, the agreements that have been put in place to protect the privacy of two people, both of whom have expressed a desire to get on with their lives, must be respected. Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.

    “I’ve loved writing the first two screenplays and I can’t wait for fans to see ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’. I accept that there will be those who are not satisfied with our choice of actor in the title role. However, conscience isn’t governable by committee. Within the fictional world and outside it, we all have to do what we believe to be the right thing.”

    The negative response was overwhelming.

    Warner Bros. also issued a statement on the casting choice that reflected Rowling’s statement:

    “We are of course aware of reports that surfaced around the end of Johnny Depp’s marriage, and take seriously the complexity of the issues involved.

    This matter has been jointly addressed by both parties, in a statement in which they said ‘there was never any intent of physical or emotional harm.’

    Based on the circumstances and the information available to us, we, along with the filmmakers, continue to support the decision to proceed with Johnny Depp in the role of Grindelwald in this and future films.”

    Given her long history of support for victims, it’s a slap in the face that an accused abuser would be granted such an important role in Rowling’s story.

    Do you support Depp’s casting as Grindelwald? Why or why not? Comment below.

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    20 Questions & Answers with Instagram Hunk Dominic DeRosa

    Dominic Derosa

    Dominic Derosa

    This week, we’re digging Chicago born hunk Dominic DeRosa, Signed to Wilhemina (NYC & LA) and Mara Models (Chicago), has left quite an impression on us!

    Dom’s made quite a name for himself, sharing his love for fitness, sports and shoot photos with his Instagram followers.

    Height: 5’11”
    Waist: 32″
    Shoes: 12 US
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brown

    Follow him on Instagram @dom_derosa1

    Dominic Derosa

    Check out our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Dominic DeRosa below!

    Where did you grow up: Chicago

     Was it very fashionable? Yes, having the dopest outfit is a large priority from where I grew up.

    Did you grow up reading magazines? Yes, mainly sports related.

    How were you discovered? Instagram

    What has been your dream campaign? Tom Ford and Versace

    Whose runway have you always wanted to walk? Calvin Klein

    What is your favorite city? Los Angeles

    What is your favorite food? Chicken

    Dominic Derosa

    Tell us about your first shoot? I was very nervous. It was a whole new world to me and it took me some time to get used to being in front of the camera.

    How do you prepare to walk? In a mirror and usually very confident in the way I walk.

    Favourite social media site: Instagram

    Coolest photographer you have worked with: Hubert Pouches

    Who is your biggest supporter? My uncle John Hansen

    Your favourite place to go shopping? Gucci

    Dominic Derosa

    What’s your idea of fun? Long nights in the gym or hanging out with a group of friends.

    Place you would love to visit: Italy

    Currently, you’re obsessed with… California. I’m obsessed because I love the free spirit vibe and the fast lifestyle, particularly in Los Angeles.

    What’s your diet like? Very clean. Six meals a day. White meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, water and cold pressed juices. Diet is extremely important especially in the industry I’m trying to build a career out of.

    Which physical feature you are most proud of? The physical feature I am most proud of I would have to humbly say is my jawline.

    What do you think is the number one thing keeping you motivated? Living the American dream and being successful enough to help my family out of the struggle they’ve been in their whole life.

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    Watch out! Justin Bieber Is Looking For a Fight With with the Paparazzi

    Justin Bieber isn’t known as a good fighter. Maybe that’s why he was trying to show off for friends outside of a church service on Thursday night.

    While he’s started arguments with paps before, Justin appeared to be in a good mood as he practiced some boxing combos and told the photographers to bring it on.

    Justin was hanging with a few folks, showing off his quick hands. Cameras caught the whole thing as multiple people had to back away from the singer’s flurries of play punches.

    “All y’all!” Justin called out. “All y’all are next. You know it!” That got a response from the same paparazzo who Justin had had beef with before.

    Is this Justin’s bad behavior trying to find a way back out? Or has he really changed?

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    Louis Tomlinson Drinks to Forget in “Miss You” Music Video

    Louis Tomlinson knows how to have a good time. That’s what he’s showing off in his music video for “Miss You.” The track all about getting drunk to avoid thinking about an ex gets a very literal visual treatment as Louis and his lads stay up all night drinking in the visual.

    The rowdy night begins with pints at a pub and dancing on tables before getting kicked out of an art gallery where he admires the composition of his drink. With some solid acting from Louis, the party moves to a club where shots make the video lose focus.

    At each location, Louis has a sobering moment “when the lights go on” and he delivers the song’s title like it just came to him in the middle of a blackout.

    Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

    (Photo credit: Louis Tomlinson Vevo YouTube account)

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    Orpheus Pledger’s Hottest Moments


    He’s often spotted without a shirt on the beach of Summer Bay.

    But despite filming on Home and Away being wrapped up for the year, Opheus Pledger hasn’t taken a break from flaunting his buff physique.

    The soap star was spotted cooling off at a Sydney beach showing off a considerably more bulked up frame.

    The revealing display comes as the hunk previously spoke of his desire to look after his body.

    Last year Orpheus told The Daily Telegraph of the emphasis he puts into looking after his fitness and health. 

    ‘I care very much about the way I treat my body,’ he said. 

    ‘I am very into nutrition and keeping fit and yes I have a heavy training regimen.’

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    Harry Styles wins Best International Artist at 2017 ARIAS


    Two words – Harry Styles!

    It was all about Harry Styles at last night’s ARIA Awards. 

    Former One Direction front man Harry Styles spent moments with fans before heading into the music event to perform his hit track Kiwi before picking up Best International Artist in Sydney, Australia last night.

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    Jessica Mauboy wins ‘Best Australian Act’ at MTV EMA’s

    Jessica Mauboy wins MTV EMA

    Jessica Mauboy wins MTV EMA
    (Photo Credit: Ruth Goodwin)

    Australian pop-star Jessica Mauboy has picked up her fair share of Awards and now the former Australian Idol star can add an MTV EMA to her collection!

    Earlier this week, The Fallin’ singer showed off her trophy from the 2017 MTV European Music Awards (EMA) in Sydney.

    Beating Meg Mac, Vera Blue, PNAU and Illy to take home the coveted award, previously won by acts including 5SOS and Troye Sivan.

    CHECK OUT all the hottest looks from the 2017 MTV EMA Red Carpet!

    Jessica Mauboy wins MTV EMA
    (Photo Credit: Ruth Goodwin)

    A Bold entrance definitely was the theme for the EMA’s with Travis Scott flying in on the back of an animatronic bird over the audience for his performance of “Butterfly Effect,” while Stormzy arrived in a police car for his smash grime track “Big For Your Boots.”
    The Killers performed “The Man” via a stripped down, stirring classic rock performance.

    Shawn Mendes was crowned Best Artist and rocked his Best Song-winning track “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” in an ever-evolving light box.

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    ‘The Lost City of Z’ DVD Giveaway

    To celebrate the release of The Lost City of Z out November 29 on DVD & Blu-Ray, Hollywood Treatment & Universal Sony Pictures are giving you the chance to win a copy on DVD! Thanks to Simon & Schuster, the book that inspired the film The Lost City of Z by David Grann are also up for grabs!

    The Lost City of Z

    Starring Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Tom Holland –

    In 1925, Percy Fawcett ventured into the Amazon in search of a myth. What he discovered became legendary.

    Based on author David Grann’s nonfiction bestseller, “The Lost City of Z” tells the incredible true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), who journeys into the Amazon at the dawn of the 20th century and discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that may have once inhabited the region.

    Despite being ridiculed by the scientific establishment who regard indigenous populations as “savages,” the determined Fawcett – supported by his devoted wife (Sienna Miller), son (Tom Holland) and aide-de-camp (Robert Pattinson) – returns time and again to his beloved jungle in an attempt to prove his case, culminating in his mysterious disappearance in 1925. An epically scaled tale of courage and passion, told in writer/director James Gray’s classic filmmaking style, “The Lost City of Z” is a stirring tribute to the exploratory spirit and a conflicted adventurer driven to the verge of obsession.

    For your chance to win register your details before DECEMBER 15, 2017:

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    Win Jada Pinkett Smith’s Super-Funny ‘Girls Trip’ on DVD

    Girls Trip - DVD Giveaway

    Girls Trip - DVD Giveaway

    To celebrate the release of the Epically hilarious, Girls Trip, comedy starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish and Regina Hall, Hollywood Treatment & Universal Sony Pictures are giving you the chance to win a copy on DVD!

    You’ll be glad you came

    When four lifelong friends (Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah) travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there’s enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.


    For your chance to win register your details before DECEMBER 15, 2017:

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    Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Are Expecting Their Second Child

    And then there were four!

    On Tuesday, Chrissy Teigen revealed her big baby news with a seriously adorable Instagram post. In the short and sweet video, the model and TV host confirmed that she and husband John Legend are expecting their second child together.

    “Luna, what’s in there?” Chrissy is heard asking in reference to her stomach.

    “Baby,” Luna responds as a series of Awwws can be heard in the background.

    Of course, in true Chrissy Teigen form, the video is comically captioned: “It’s John’s.” You know you wouldn’t expect anything less from the woman who asked Twitter to give her “6 brown bananas.”

    Not one to be outdone, Legend chipped in with his own playful response. “Maury will have the final word on this,” the Grammy-winning singer posted in the video’s comment’s section.


    it’s john’s!

    A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

    Teigen and Legend tied the knot back in 2013 and welcomed their daughter Luna in 2016. The couple has always been very open about their fertility struggles and how long it took them to finally conceive.

    Back in October, Teigen discussed their plans for a second child via a frozen embryo transfer. She told InStyle that they started off with 20 embryos but were left with only three after genetic testing. “The first little girl didn’t work, and then the second is Luna,” Teigen recounted candidly.

    In January 2017, Teigen explained that the last embryo is a boy, in an effort to diffuse all the pregnancy speculation surrounding her.

    Well, fast forward to now, and it turns out that Teigen really is pregnant! Big congrats to her and Legend are in order, of course. You know that baby is gonna be super talented, funny, and beautiful. Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

    Are you excited about Teigen and Legend’s exciting news? Do you think this is going to be one dope baby? Hit the comments to dish and discuss all your unfiltered commentary.

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    Rita Ora To Tour Australia in 2018 + Working with Carrie Fisher & loving the Kardashians!

    UK hit-maker Rita Ora is currently in Australia promoting her new album while announcing she’s heading back to Australia next year for a national tour and last night she opened up about working with Carrie Fisher.

    Chatting to Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery, Rita revealed she watches the Kardashians on TV and what the motivation was behind her song Anywhere.

    On her independent film with Carrie Fisher

    Rita: “I was filming another one [movie] in Rome called Wonderwell which comes out next year, just an independent movie but it’s really cool.”

    Smallzy: “That’s still cool. With an independent movie do you get a big trailer or small trailer?”
    Rita: “No. I did it for the script and also it was with Carrier Fisher who’s amazing and it’s called Wonderwell, I know and don’t quote me on this but I think the last movie she did obviously before she past. So I think really, it’s just so special to me now that project.”

    On Anywhere being about escaping LA

    Rita: “Anywhere is a song I wrote in LA with my writing camp that wrote my whole album with me and it was basically my desperation of wanting to get out of Los Angeles. I mean I do love LA but I can’t really live there for some reason at the moment, it’s very sunny, too sunny for me… I forget I have to work.”

    Rita went on to say

    Rita: “I grew up in the city so I am very like work driven and I need things to move and so Anywhere was like, take me anywhere, anywhere away with you, like just take me out of here cos I was just kinda going a bit crazy and I got back home and I felt fine and I wanted a song I can drive away with.”

    On The Kardashians

    During a game of when was the last time you saw the celebrity, Rita revealed she watches the Kardashians

    Smallzy: “The Kardashians?”

    Rita: “I watch them on TV.”

    Smallzy: “You do?”

    Rita: “Yeah.”

    Smallzy’s Surgery airs on the Nova Network 7pm-10pm Weekdays.

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    The Curious Case of Henry Cavill’s Missing Mustache

    Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill

    Warner Bros. and Paramount waged war over Henry Cavill’s beautiful, beautiful face during the Justice League reshoots, and the result was a less-beautiful Henry Cavill. Yes, we the viewers had to stomach a not-so-good-looking Superman because of a little mustache debacle between the two powerful studios. There is no victimless crime, people. 

    Here are the deets:

    Henry Cavill, a.k.a Superman, wrapped up shooting for Justice League and was filming M:I 6 – Mission Impossible. The lad even grew a mustache for his new Mission Impossible role (*cough* foreshadowing). All was well and good. 

    That is, until Zack Snyder, Justice League’s director, stepped down to a family tragedy. In response, Josh Whedon stepped up to helm the film and also called for a few reshoots ($25 million worth of reshoots, actually). Sadly, Paramount would not allow Cavill to shave the mustache he’d painstakingly grown for Mission Impossible. So what did Warner Bros. do?

    Give me a “C”!

    Give me a “G”!

    Give me an “I”!

    What does that spell?

    The Curious Case of Henry Cavill's Missing Mustache
    Warner Bros.

    Yes, Warner Bros. chose to eliminate Cavill’s luscious facial hair with CGI. The attempt, though lofty, did not go unnoticed by movie goers. 

    So what does the offending stache look like? I am so very glad you asked. 

    After all of this, methinks it’s only fair that Cavill’s mustache deserves its own IMDb page. 

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    Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘Call It What You Want’ Is Probably an Ode to Her Newest Boyfriend

    Taylor Swift’s newest single “Call It What You Want” dropped on Thursday, Nov. 2, and it didn’t take long for fans to make out a hidden message. The fourth song from Swift’s upcoming album Reputation, “Call It What You Want” seems to be all about her newest boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.

    The recurring theme of Swift’s newest batch of tunes seems to be her feuds with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Katy Perry. Her “reputation” ruined, the singer has clearly used the contention as subject matter for her work.

    “My castle crumbled overnight / I brought a knife to a gunfight / They took the crown but it’s alright,” she sings in the first verse. “All the liars are calling me one / Nobody’s heard from me for months / I’m doing better than I ever was.”

    In the chorus, however, the song takes a different direction, praising one person — Alwyn — who helped her rise above the adversity.

    “My baby’s fit like a daydream / Walking with his head down / I’m the one he’s walking to / So call it what you want, yeah,” she croons. “Call it what you want to / My baby’s fly like a jet stream / High above the whole scene / Loves me like I’m brand new / So call it what you want, yeah / Call it what you want to.”

    According to EW, Swift has been quietly dating Alwyn for a year.

    Check out the full song and lyrics below.

    “Reputation” is set to release November 10, 2017.

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    There Are a Ton of New Details About the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Sequel

    Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2

    Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2

    Let it be known that on November 16, 2017, we were blessed with the first image of Jude Law as none other than young Albus “Did Yah Put Yah Name in da Goblet of Fiyah?!” Dumbledore. After the year we’ve had, I think we can all agree that we deserve this. And golly does this man sure know how to wear a blue corduroy trench…

    Jude Law in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2

    Warner Bros.

    Anyhoo, the bigger news here is that the Fantastic Beasts sequel has finally been given a name: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

    Let’s sit with that for a quick sec.

    The name sounds too much like a Lifetime movie for my taste. But I digress. 

    It was only a matter of time before the sequel’s details were made public. After its predecessor, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, grossed $814 million world wide, Warner Bros. slated four follow-up films for the franchise. The entire series will take place between 1926 to 1945 — when Dumbledore wins the notorious Elder Wand in a duel with Gellert Grindelwald. 

    Jude Law as Young Dumbledore Is Everything I Never Knew I Needed
    Warner Bros.

    The official plot description reads:

    “At the end of the first film, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Depp) was captured by MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), with the help of Newt Scamander (Redmayne). But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escaped custody and has set about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings. In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans, Albus Dumbledore (Law) enlists his former student Newt Scamander, who agrees to help, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world.”

    The Crimes of Grindelwald will debut exactly a year from today, according to a tweet from the film’s official Twitter account.

    Like the previous Fantastic Beasts, this movie has been scripted by Mother Magic herself, J.K. Rowling. Longtime Harry Potter director will helm The Crimes of Grindelwald, which once again will star Eddie Redmayne as renowned magizoologist, Newt Scamander. Read the official character descriptions below.

    “Jude Law plays a young ALBUS DUMBLEDORE, taking on the mantle of one of J.K. Rowling’s most beloved characters; Ezra Miller makes a return as the enigmatic CREDENCE, whose fate was unknown at the end of the first film; Claudia Kim appears as a Maledictus, the carrier of a blood curse that destines her ultimately to transform into a beast; Zoe Kravitz plays LETA LESTRANGE, who had once been close to Newt Scamander but is now engaged to his brother; Callum Turner joins the cast as Newt’s older brother, THESEUS SCAMANDER, a celebrated war hero and the Head of the Auror Office at the British Ministry of Magic; Katherine Waterston returns as TINA GOLDSTEIN, who has been reinstated as an Auror for MACUSA; Eddie Redmayne stars again as wizarding world Magizoologist NEWT SCAMANDER, who has now gained fame in the wizarding world as the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; Dan Fogler reprises the role of the only No-Maj in the group, JACOB KOWALSKI; Alison Sudol reprises the part of Tina’s free-spirited sister, QUEENIE GOLDSTEIN, a Legilimens who can read minds; and Johnny Depp returns as the powerful Dark wizard GELLERT GRINDELWALD.”

    The excitement from many of Rowling’s fans was palpable, but for some, the promo photos were marred by Johnny Depp’s presence. As you may recall, last year, Depp’s then-wife, Amber Heard, accused the actor of domestic abuse, and filed for a restraining order. With the current revelations of rampant sexual misconduct in Hollywood, some fans were hopeful that the same tide would hold Depp accountable.  

    Alas, Depp has kept his role as one of the greatest dark wizards of all time.

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    “Time Of Their Lives” DVD Giveaway

    To celebrate the release of “Time Of Their Lives” out November 15 on DVD & Blu-Ray, Hollywood Treatment & Universal Sony Pictures P/l are giving you the chance to win the epic comedy on DVD!

    It’s never too late for another chance

    Determined to gatecrash her ex-lover’s funeral on glamorous French hideaway Ile-de-Re, former Hollywood siren Helen (Joan Collins) escapes her London retirement home with the help of Priscilla (Pauline Collins), a repressed English housewife stuck in a bad marriage. Pooling their limited resources, they hit the road together by coach, ferry, car and foot in a race to get to the funeral on time, becoming entangled in a love triangle with a reclusive Italian millionaire (Franco Nero) along the way. On this unforgettable journey, they find true friendship in one another – and have the time of their lives.

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    MTV EMAs 2017 – Red Carpet Arrivals

    2017 MTV EMA - Red Carpet13

    2017 MTV EMA - Red Carpet

    The 2017 MTV EMAs opened with Best Hip Hop winner Eminem doing a thrilling orchestra-backed performance, along with guest artist Skylar Grey, of his newly dropped track “Walk on Water,” taking the mic in a London pub before joining the EMA stage at The SSE Arena, Wembley.
    Following, the audience saw global pop star and hometown hostess Rita Orarun through London’s streets to get to the show, with UK radio crew Kurupt FM of British sitcom “People Just Do Nothing” and a cameo from the Mayor of London himself.
    Proving they’re the biggest band in the world, U2 performed “Get Out Of Your Own Way” from London’s historic Trafalgar Square and was honored with the night’s prestigious milestone award, Global Icon.
    Best Pop winner Camila Cabello’s captivating and elaborate musical production featured a hugely choreographed routine that moved through three scenes and incorporated soaring overhead shots, ending in a Havana-style swimming pool. 
    Liam Payne got hearts racing with a steamy performance of “Strip That Down” featuring dancers in streetwear moving across an LED disco floor, while perched on hydraulics set to a spectacular LED light  show.
    Bold entrances were the theme for the night with Travis Scott flying in on the back of an animatronic bird over the audience for his performance of “Butterfly Effect,” while Stormzy arrived in a police car for his smash grime track “Big For Your Boots.”
    The Killers performed “The Man” via a stripped down, stirring classic rock performance.
    Shawn Mendes was crowned Best Artist and rocked his Best Song-winning track “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” in an ever-evolving light box.
    Host Rita Ora’s performance featured more than 50 dancers in an over-the-top medley of songs from her new album, “Your Song” and “Anywhere.”
    Other artists delivering a mix of fan favorite tracks included Demi Lovato with her performance of “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Tell Me You Love Me,” and Kesha’s moving rendition of “Learn to Let Go.”  
    David Guetta closed the show with an electrifying performance of his new single “Dirty, Sexy, Money” with guests French Montana, and Charli XCX
    Later, Rita Ora was presented with the first-ever “MTV EMA Power of Music Award” honouring the charitable efforts on behalf of all the artists who responded to Grenfell.
    Additionally, MTV recognised artists from around the globe with Worldwide Act awards and Best Local Act awards for multiple regions including Spain, The Netherlands, Australia and Japan. Worldwide Act recognises those artists who have evolved their footprint and established their names beyond their local borders in 2017.  They are selected from all the regional EMA award nominees by an international panel of MTV music executives.
    Jessica Mauboy is the Best Local Act for Australia.

    At the close of show, Ora announced that the 2018 MTV EMAs would be held in Bilbao, Spain.

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    Harry Styles to perform at 2017 ARIA Awards

    International superstar, Harry Styles is returning to Sydney to perform at The 2017 ARIA Awards with Apple Music at The Star Event Centre, Sydney on Tuesday 28th November 2017, which will be broadcast around Australia on the Nine Network.

    Harry Styles’ highly anticipated self-titled debut album was released May 12th, soaring to the top of the charts around the world including #1 on the ARIA Album chart, featuring the breakthrough lead single ‘Sign Of The Times’, now certified double platinum, and new single ‘Kiwi.’ 

    A fan favourite since album release, ‘Kiwi’ is the next official single from Harry Styles debut album, and is at radio today, Thursday, 9th November.

    After announcing an extensive world tour in support of his debut album, the ARIAAwards with Apple Music are thrilled to welcome Styles back to the coveted ARIA stage whilst in Australia for sold out shows on his record-breaking world tour.

    Dan Rosen, ARIA Chief Executive Officer says, “We are thrilled to welcome the phenomenal Harry Styles back to Sydney to join us at the ARIAs. He is one of the world’s most successful and in-demand solo artists and has a special relationship with his Australian fans. We cannot wait to have him rock the ARIA stage.

    Harry Styles: Behind The Album was also premiered on Apple Music on May 15th. Harry Styles: Behind The Album, a new film from production company Fulwell 73, chronicles Styles’ musical journey while creating his much-anticipated debut solo album. The film features exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage shot in Jamaica, Los Angeles and London during the making of the album and is complemented by Styles and his band performing songs from it for the first time at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

    Harry Styles Live On Tour 2017 Australian Dates:
    Sunday 26th November @ Enmore Theatre NSW, SOLD OUT
    Thursday 30th November @ Forum Theatre VIC, SOLD OUT

    Harry Styles Live On Tour 2018 Australian Dates:
    Saturday 21st April @ Perth Arena WA
    Thursday 24th April @ Hisense Arena VIC, SOLD OUT
    Friday 27th April @ Qudos Bank Arena NSW, SOLD OUT
    Saturday 28th April @ Entertainment Centre QLD

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    Netflix Will Continue Working With Danny Masterson Despite Rape Accusations

    Netflix says it will take no action against Danny Masterson until “developments occur” despite multiple allegations of rape against him, according to Huffington Post.

    Masterson produces and stars on Netflix Original The Ranch.

    On Thursday, Nov. 2, Huffington Post revealed the case against Masterson had stalled even in the face of “overwhelming evidence,” going on to detail the claims of four specific accusers — one of whom filed a report with the LAPD as recently as 2004.

    Furthermore, the Church of Scientology, of which Masterson is a member, seems to have played a major role in covering up the That ’70s Show alum’s crimes.

    As per the church’s rules, members will be banned if they report a fellow member’s crimes directly to the police, discouraging victims from speaking out.

    “We are aware of the allegations and the subsequent investigation, and will respond if developments occur,” a Netflix spokesman told HuffPost on Friday.

    Reportedly, the evidence against Masterson includes audiotapes, emails, and even a letter the actor wrote to one victim threatening her to keep quiet.

    The streaming site’s choice to continue working with Masterson comes as a surprise to some considering its recent promise to cut ties with Kevin Spacey.



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    Kevin Spacey Suspended from ‘House of Cards’

    “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey has been suspended from the Netflix drama amid mounting claims of sexual assault.

    Producer Media Rights Capital took the action of suspending Spacey Friday evening.

    A source close to the production tells Variety that the move is legally necessary first step toward Spacey’s eventual termination.

    Netflix, meanwhile, said Friday that it would not move forward with any version of “House of Cards” that includes Spacey — and that it would cancel the Gore Vidal biopic, “Gore,” which was set to star the two-time Oscar-winning actor.

    “Netflix will not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey,” a spokesman for Netflix said in a statement.

    “We will continue to work with MRC during this hiatus time to evaluate our path forward as it relates to the show.”

    “While we continue the ongoing investigation into the serious allegations concerning Kevin Spacey’s behavior on the set of ‘House of Cards,’ he has been suspended, effective immediately,” MRC said in a statement.

    “MRC, in partnership with Netflix, will continue to evaluate a creative path forward for the program during the hiatus.”

    What do you think? Do you think he [Kevin] deserves it?

    Leave a comment below!


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    Weekend Box Office: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Powering to $100M-Plus U.S. Debut

    Disney and Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok is swinging a heavy hammer at the box office in a needed boost for Hollywood and theater owners following a miserable October.

    The superhero film is on course to gross $40 million-plus on Friday for a weekend debut north of $100 million, according to early returns. Friday’s haul will include $14.5 million from Thursday night previews.

    Directed by acclaimed Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder alongside franchise regulars Tom HiddlestonIdris Elba and Anthony Hopkins, as well as new additions Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson. The superhero movie is also populated with a few fellow Marvel superheroes — The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) — while Cate Blanchett stars as the villainous Hela, goddess of death.

    The threequel, playing in 4,080 theaters this weekend, looks to come in well ahead of the first two films, no small feat considering many franchises are seeing diminished returns.

    Thor launched to $65.7 million in May 2011, while sequel Thor: The Dark World earned $85.7 million in its November 2013 opening.

    On Friday morning, Thor: Ragnarok boasted a 93 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the best scores for any film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Overseas, Thor opened to a thunderous $109 million last weekend from about 50 percent of the international marketplace.

    It debuts in the rest of the world, including China, this weekend. Its international grosses through Thursday is $164.5 million.


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    Khal Drogo Finally Weds His Khaleesi

    After 10 years and two kiddos, it looks like Aquaman and Denise Huxtable have officially tied the knot!

    Most of us were under the impression that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet were married way back in 2007 — a simpler time of Ed Hardy trucker hats and flip phone selfies.

    Alas, Us Weekly reported yesterday that the couple wed in early October (though Momoa had previously referred to Bonet as his wife in interviews).

    The wedding was an intimate occasion and sources confirmed that Bonet’s daughter, Zoe Kravitz, was in attendance.

    A handful of Momoa’s famous co-stars also witnessed the nuptials, including Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender.

    The couple met through friends in 2005 and have two children together, Lola, 10, and Nakoa-Wolf, 8.

    The Hawaiian actor and Hollywood beauty have maintained one of the most low-key relationships in Tinseltown.

    Check out some of the sweetest pics from Momoa’s Instagram.

    Mi amor Be home soon baby. Aloha sb

    A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on


    A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on


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