You Go, Glenn Coco: ‘Mean Girls’ Cast Reunites on October 3 for Las Vegas Shooting Victims

The date is famous amongst fans, but this year, the cast used it as an opportunity to raise funds for Las Vegas shooting victims.

Just when we thought the cast of Mean Girls couldn’t get any more fetch, they’ve proven us wrong in the most heartwarming of ways.

As diehard fans know, October 3 is an important date, the date Cady finally “connected” with Aaron Samuels in the cult ’04 comedy.

As such, the stars of the film have paid public homage to “Mean Girls Day” in the 13 years (and 13 Octobers) since.

Following the tragic terrorist attack in Las Vegas, however, 2017’s celebration had a greater purpose.

Lacey ChabertAmanda Seyfried, Jonathan Bennett, and Daniel Franzese came together on Tuesday to ask “the groolest fans out there” to donate to a fund for the mass shooting victims.

The GoFundMe campaign, “Mean Girls for Las Vegas,” comes with an extra special video message in which the cast encourages fans to rally for those who need it most.

According to Franzese, whose performance as Damien remains legendary, 100 percent of the proceeds raised will go to the National Compassion Fund.

As of Tuesday night, the cast had raised over $50,000 of their $300,000 goal.

As Chabert put it, “We know fetch is never gonna happen, but we can make this happen.”

Franzese even offered an iconic “You go, Glenn Coco!” for the road.

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