Tiffany Trump, Blind-sided By Her Siblings In Their Dad’s Will

Looks like we already know who is Daddy’s least favorite girl

When we last checked in with Tiffany “Not Daddy’s Precious & Most Favorite Daughter” Trump, she was in the midst of a fashion week controversy that seemed very on-brand for her.

If Ivanka is the baby-whispering plastic face of complicity for the Trump family, Tiffany is the Calamity Jane of the Trumps.

She’s the Rob Kardashian Jr.

During New York Fashion Week, Tiffany’s publicist emailed Harper’s Magazine – not Harper’s Bazaar – about getting an invite to the Bazaar Icons event. Classic Tiffany.

This new/old story is Classic Tiff too, yet another episode of That’s So Tiff!

Sources say that Jared and Ivanka tried to keep Ivanka from bumping off Tiffany but nothing could be done. This really was another episode of That’s So Tiff!

And I do think that out of all the kids, Tiffany is probably getting the least amount of money in the will.

That being said, I hope we all live long enough to see the Trumps financially destitute and imprisoned, so 20% of nothing is still nothing.

Even though I think Tiffany has some complicity somewhere, I don’t need her to go to jail. She and Barron Trump can live their lives out in the world.

The rest of them can rot though.

What do you think?

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