Donald Trump Wants To Increase Taxes On The NFL

Looks like the POTUS is really mad…

Donald Trump looks appalled by this Jemele Hill situation.

From the very beginning, ESPN has bungled this, Jemele Hill was suspended yesterday for merely tweeting over the weekend about certain NFL owners saying that they will suspend or fire players for kneeling or protesting during the National Anthem.

This is the political circus Donald Trump wants – he doesn’t want to talk about Puerto Rico or FEMA or taxes or healthcare or even North Korea.

He is simple-minded and he is only able to grasp simple, pop-culture-y controversies.

After Jemele Hill simply made factual statements about Trump’s white supremacy, the White House’s OFFICIAL position was that a private citizen should be fired from her job for tweeting facts.

And now Jemele Hill has been suspended for merely discussing a boycott of the NFL, which… again, is something that Donald Trump himself has brought up in tweets.

So, here are Trump’s tweets today:

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