Colton Haynes’ best Halloween costume yet!

Marge Simpson has never looked better.

Every year, we look forward to Arrow alum ‘ amazing Halloween costumes, and in 2017, the actor hasn’t disappointed.

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, Haynes posted what could be his best transformation yet: Marge Simpson.

Haynes’ Marge was complete with yellow skin, massive prosthetic breasts, bulbous googly eyes, and a huge clump of blue hair.

As per usual, he went the extra mile to ensure his costume was the most noteworthy of the season.

Behold the majesty.

Caution: this video may not be safe for work…

Nor this one…

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We’ll never think of “Mi Gente” the same.

Haynes’ fiance, celebrity florist Jeff Leatham, also posted a snapshot of the two sharing a sweet kiss, and we can’t get over how bizarre and beautiful it is.

Marge is far from the Teen Wolf actor’s first high quality costume. In 2016, he sported a ravishing Miss Piggy costume…

… and the year prior, he graced the spooky streets of L.A. as The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula.

Name one person who’s doing Halloween better than Colton Haynes. I dare you.


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