Rita Ora To Tour Australia in 2018 + Working with Carrie Fisher & loving the Kardashians!

Rita Ora sits down with Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small

UK hit-maker Rita Ora is currently in Australia promoting her new album while announcing she’s heading back to Australia next year for a national tour and last night she opened up about working with Carrie Fisher.

Chatting to Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery, Rita revealed she watches the Kardashians on TV and what the motivation was behind her song Anywhere.

On her independent film with Carrie Fisher

Rita: “I was filming another one [movie] in Rome called Wonderwell which comes out next year, just an independent movie but it’s really cool.”

Smallzy: “That’s still cool. With an independent movie do you get a big trailer or small trailer?”
Rita: “No. I did it for the script and also it was with Carrier Fisher who’s amazing and it’s called Wonderwell, I know and don’t quote me on this but I think the last movie she did obviously before she past. So I think really, it’s just so special to me now that project.”

On Anywhere being about escaping LA

Rita: “Anywhere is a song I wrote in LA with my writing camp that wrote my whole album with me and it was basically my desperation of wanting to get out of Los Angeles. I mean I do love LA but I can’t really live there for some reason at the moment, it’s very sunny, too sunny for me… I forget I have to work.”

Rita went on to say

Rita: “I grew up in the city so I am very like work driven and I need things to move and so Anywhere was like, take me anywhere, anywhere away with you, like just take me out of here cos I was just kinda going a bit crazy and I got back home and I felt fine and I wanted a song I can drive away with.”

On The Kardashians

During a game of when was the last time you saw the celebrity, Rita revealed she watches the Kardashians

Smallzy: “The Kardashians?”

Rita: “I watch them on TV.”

Smallzy: “You do?”

Rita: “Yeah.”

Smallzy’s Surgery airs on the Nova Network 7pm-10pm Weekdays.

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