Celine Dion Proves She Is the Classiest Woman in Vegas After a Fan Crashes Her Stage

“Some people go through a lot. And some people need to talk.”

Celine Dion

Today, we bring you firm confirmation that Céline Dion is, indeed, the classiest woman to walk Las Vegas — possibly planet Earth. 

During a recent performance of Dion’s Caesars Palace residency show, a visibly intoxicated concert-goer managed to mount the stage. Instead of having security escort the crasher offstage, Céline embraced the woman, saying, “Let me tell you something: I’m glad you came up onstage tonight.”

Dion remained ever-professional while pacifying the increasingly unruly drunk woman.

“I bet you just wanted to come closer to me. But you know what? I’m glad you came closer to me,” Dion said.

The crasher then proceeded to dry hump Dion, which still did not deter the “My Heart Will Go On” singer.

“Look me in the eyes. Do you see my heart?” she soothingly asked the woman, who in turn stole the mic, muttering for security not to touch her. 

Dion continued to speak directly to the stage intruder while placating her. 

“2018, we’re going to make a change… you know what? We’ve got something in common. We’ve got babies that we love, and we’re going to fight for them. And we’re wearing gold. That’s a sign. Are you ready to party with me tonight?” 

When security finally managed to walk the woman off the stage, Dion took the time to use the incident for reflection.

“Some people go through a lot,” she said to her awaiting audience. “And some people need to talk.”

Dion then turned her attention to the audience, who had been watching the entire situation unfold for roughly five minutes. 

“And I want to say thank you to all of you. Because for maybe five minutes, we had given this lady a moment to talk.”

On a scale of Kerry Washington to Grace Kelly, how classily do you think Céline handled the stage crasher? Watch the entire debacle unfold below.

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