Code Red: Jonas Brothers Spark Talks of Reunion After Reviving Instagram Account

*Breathing intensifies*

Jonas Brothers

Are you eternally bitter that you never got to see the Jonas Brothers perform live?

Well, you’re in good company… (i.e. me).

And, there is hope on our horizon, my friend, because the official Jonas Brothers Instagram page has been reactivated. Could this possibly mean that our favorite trio of Jesus-loving, New Jersey-living siblings are resurrecting the ole band? Let’s investigate…

Yesterday afternoon, former Jonas Brothers’ backing musician, Ryan Liestman, posted this photo on Instagram. Peep the caption…


Family reunion.

A post shared by Ryan Liestman (@ryanliestman) on

Then, seven hours later we get this Twitter post by Tommy Wiseau, of all people. 

Wiseau claims he told Kevin, Joe, and Nick (ordered by birth, not by musical ability), to get the band back together. How does one say “no” to Tommy Wiseau? 

What do you think?

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