Thank You, Tyra Banks, For This Refreshingly Honest Take On The ‘Natural Beauty’ Conundrum

The supermodel even admitted she got a nose job early in her career.

Tyra Banks

Ms. Tyra has never been one to mince words. “Kiss my fat ass,” anyone? Or how about, “We were all rooting for you!!!!!“?

Now, once again, Tyra Banks is preaching her truth. Though, this time it’s via her new book with one hell of a title: Perfect Is Boring: 10 Things My Crazy, Fierce Mama Taught Me About Beauty Booty, and Being a Boss.

While promoting her book, the 44-year-old supermodel and business mogul did the unthinkable (at least in Hollywood). Banks admitted she had work done.

“I had bones in my nose that were growing and itching,” Banks told People. “I could breathe fine, but I added cosmetic surgery. I admit it! Fake hair, and I did my nose. I feel I have a responsibility to tell the truth.”

While this might not feel like a revelation for those reading at home (a supermodel had plastic surgery, how is this news?), Banks’ admission does break with the entertainment industry’s longstanding hush-hush policy surrounding cosmetic procedures. Think of the countless celebrities (usually female) who have denied getting work done despite the ample and obvious evidence of, well, their drastically altered face.

Banks then elaborated on the idea of “natural beauty” — a term I have personally come to despise.

“Natural beauty is unfair,” Banks continued. “I get really uncomfortable when women who are these natural beauties judge anybody who does anything to themselves.”

I would also like to point out that the term “natural beauty” feels antiquated in a day and age when cosmetic procedures and Photoshop run rampant.

“You want a hair weave? Fine. You want permanent eyebrows. Fine. We as women need to stop judging.” Ah-frikin’-men.

In her interview with People, Tyra also touched on the larger hypocritical dilemmas women face daily. If you wear makeup, you’re fake or trying too hard or misrepresenting yourself. If you don’t choose to wear makeup you’re lazy, or unfeminine.

“As a model, I needed makeup. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” said Banks. “It leveled my playing field. Gisele, you don’t need it? I do! And we’re both modeling for Victoria’s Secret.”

This same “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” logic applies to plastic surgery — which is probably why so few celebrities ever admit to having work done. And, then, to top it all, young girls look up to these plastic-surgery-denying celebrities and categorize them as unachievable “natural beauties.” 

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