Phoebe Deskovic reveals favourite Sydney hangouts + more

Australia’s Next Top Model reveals her go-to places!

Phoebe Deskovic

When she’s not rocking the runway, ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ contestant  is out living life, enjoying some of Sydney’s hottest spots.

This season of ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ saw mentors  and Didier Cohen support Phoebe during her time on show.

The young model is now based in Sydney and has some great things in the works!

She recently revealed to DMA that she has got interest from New York modeling agencies and that she has a new partner.

Hollywood Treatment caught up with the aspiring model who was happy to share her favourite spots, desserts, tunes and places to grab a bite exclusively with our readers.

Instagram: @PhoebeDeskovic

Phoebe Deskovic

Favourite place to grab a desert?

I’m not a dessert person but I might secretly sometimes demolish a Belgian chocolate lava cake.

Favourite lolly?

I don’t really like sweets that much, I do love my lovingearth coconut mylk chocolate though.

Favourite place to grab a bite?

My boyfriends kitchen, he can make some killer food.

Favourite place to go to for a beer?

I’d prefer to go buy a bottle of red and go somewhere with a nice view.

Favourite place to go clubbing?

I love starting my night off at The Baxter Inn with some nice whisky but then who knows! Wherever the night will take me.

Favourite place to spend some time alone..

Fagan Park

Favourite place to go to Hang with friends?

When it’s warm outdoors, near the beach. I love hanging with friends at a nice restaurant or at someone’s house.

Favourite place to go to for a swim?

Cres, Croatia! My home.

Favourite song of the moment:

Eventually – Tame Impala

Favourite artist of the moment:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Favourite song to sing:

Don’t wanna fall in love – Jane Child

What is your typical day like when you’re not working?

I’d probably be with friends, cooking some tasty food and listening to some nice music. I’d probably be also found going to art galleries or museums.

Do you ever practice something in front of the mirror?

A little, yeah. As a model you need to be constantly working on your angles and knowing your body… so technically it’s a part of the job. Although lame, its a smart thing to do.

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