Stephen James Q&A: Windsor Smith’s new front man


English model Stephen James has made his way down under after being announced thew new face of Aussie brand Windsor Smith shoes and boy did he cause quite the fan frenzy!

The 24-year-old model is becoming one of the most in-demand models in the industry, and one of the first ever to be a full tattooed one at that.

He has contracts with Calvin Klein and Diesel under his belt, has starred in numerous men’s magazine shoots, and graced the runway at Fashion Weeks.

The news of his arrival was met with much excitement and hysteria from his Australian fans, who make up a hefty chunk of his 506, 000 (and counting) Instagram followers.

Stephen spent hours meeting and taking selfies with Windsor Smith fans in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

To celebrate Stephen James becoming the face of Windsor Smith’s new campaign, Hollywood Treatment have an exclusive Q&A with the model below:

Can you tell us your first and last tattoos?
First the Morrisey tatoo, I grew up listening to him, I only ever thought I’d get the one but then I got addicted and kept going.

Is it a work in progress or have you finished?
I really haven’t got any space left except a few filler areas. It evolved over the years, and I only work with a few tattooists around the world.

Is there anywhere that’s not inked?
My face, I don’t want to go further up the neck and my head is already tattooed with mandala’s.

Are you a model or footballer first?
Short story I was a footballer for Scotland and Then barcelona where I got injured and then got scouted so once I started modelling It was just too good to stop and my injury wasn’t getting better.

Were you surprised to be scouted as a model?
At first I was as I’m shy kind of guy.

Is there any style that doesn’t work with your tattoos?
As long as it’s black it’s all good

Tell us about working with Windsor Smith?
It’s been an amazing experience, coming to Australia travelling from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, the brand is really cool and I love their sneakers and boots, they suit my look. I’ve stayed in some amazing places and met a lot of fans that I didn’t know I had here and it’s been a great experience. Windsor Smith have looked after me all the way.

Do you get sick of people commenting on your tattoos?
Not really, I don’t mind, it comes with the job.

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