Maddie Ziegler says ‘god mom’ Sia likes to ‘dress her up’

Maddie Ziegler says her godmother Sia likes to "dress her up".

The 16-year-old dancer – who has appeared in a number of the ‘Chandelier’ hitmaker’s music videos, on her album covers and more – has revealed that the pair share an incredible mother-daughter "connection", and the singer even entrusted Ziegler with a special item from her own wardrobe because she likes to put her in "cool clothes".

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she said: "She is the best person in my life. She really is. I think she’s my god mom now? So if anything were to happen she would take me, which is really cool. From the day we met, we clicked and we knew it was a special connection.

Opening up about her wardrobe appearance for her appearance, she added: "This is her [Sia’s] bridal dress, like her bridal shower dress. I’m basically like her daughter, and so she’s always wanted to dress up her daughter and put her in different, cool clothes. This [dress] fit like a glove, and she’s like, ‘This is epic.’ And she literally … I’ve never seen her turn into a stage mom like that before. She was like, ‘OK from the side, from the back,’ taking photos."

The blonde beauty was recruited by Sia to star in her 2014 music video, ‘Chandelier’ because she was obsessed with the show ‘Dance Moms’ – which Ziegler used to feature on – and the star confessed that being in the visuals for her hugely successful track "changed her life forever".

She added: "When I was eight, she watched the show religiously and then she tweeted me and was like ‘I want you in my music video’ and at the time I didn’t really know who she was, but then we did the video and I didn’t expect the outcome. People didn’t recognise me [from ‘Dance Moms’] but that video changed my life forever and they were like ‘you’re from Chandelier’ and it was really cool."

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