Louis Tomlinson promises fans his highly anticipated album is ‘close’

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson “can’t wait” to release his debut solo album and has promised fans he is getting “close” to bringing it out.

The One Direction singer has thanked his fans for their patience in waiting for the record but admitted he “can’t wait” for the LP to finally hit shelves in the coming months.

He tweeted: “Monthly thank you for all your patience . Believe me we’re getting close! Really excited about a couple of the new songs.

“Can’t wait for the day to finally release this album. It’s all I’ve been working towards over the last two years.”

The ‘Just Hold On’ singer revealed last month he had been working hard with “good people” on the album, which is as-yet untitled, and in January, Louis, 26, admitted it was taking so long to complete because he is a “perfectionist”.

He posted: “I’m a perfectionist so things are taking a little longer. Few more songs to add! Believe me I’m as impatient as you all are ! Big love”

The ‘Miss You’ hitmaker previously promised fans will learn a lot from him with his album as the lyrics will be “very honest and conversational”.

He said: “The album in general is just very honest and conversational.

“In the early sessions I’ve had, a lot of songwriters love to write about fairytales and situations that just don’t really feel like the bands that I grew up listening to. They speak very matter-of-fact and honest, and I think that’s cool and that’s interesting. 

“Although the fans know loads about me, they’ll definitely learn a bit more after the album.”

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