Get Your First Glimpse of Australia’s “Love Island” Sexy Contestants

Love Island Australia will soon be available for your viewing pleasure. The show recently released the full trailer and what we’ve seen so far has been utterly delicious.

The hilarious Sophie Monk is a sexy pilot in the teaser, and the contestants are shown getting ready to jet off to Spain—possibly to have scandalous adventures.

“Welcome aboard, you beautiful sexy singles. Your love life to Spain is about to take off. So buckle up and couple up. Because we’re heading to the hottest summer of your lives,” Sophie Monk says to the gorgeous contestants in the teaser.

Basing on the UK version’s trailer, the people in the trailer are most likely going to be Love Island Australia’s first batch of contestants. They were definitely a sight for, um, parched eyes—with abs and gorgeous blonde tresses galore. You obviously can’t wait, can you?


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