Marina and the Diamonds to release new music in January

Marina and the Diamonds will be releasing new music in January.

The ‘How to Be a Heartbreaker’ singer has confirmed she will drop new music in the new year, which will be followed by an album in April time.

She said: "I want to tell people details all the time but I can’t because I have been planning it for ages. It’s not really conceptual in ways like Electra Heart was but there is a looser … there is a concept in terms of how it’s going to be released that you will find out in April but I am going to release a new song in January."

And Marina says the first songs are "really different" to what she’s released before.

She shared to Pop Buzz: "It’s really different to the singles we’re going to select for the album. The production of this album is very different [to the other albums] ."

Meanwhile, Marina previously admitted she found it a struggle to work on new music, following the release of 2015’s ‘FROOT’

Asked how the album was coming along, she said: "Really, really well. I’ve kind of been writing more than I ever have before which was unexpected because I thought I wasn’t going to do this any more for a while. I’m really excited to put something out soon because it’s been three years."

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