Liam Payne refers to Cheryl as his ‘wife’ in new interview


Liam Payne has once again suggested that he and partner Cheryl have married after describing Cheryl as his wife several times in a new interview.

Payne has been busy promoting his new album and in a new interview with French website On The Move, he repeatedly calls Cheryl his wife during a conversation about writing as a father.

He also discusses working with Pharrell when his wife was pregnant so the words have been been translated incorrectly.

‘To be honest with you I don’t know yet what it is like to write while being a father, I have not passed through this experience,’ he said.

‘I have something that I’m preparing with Timbaland and I was writing with Pharrell when his wife was pregnant along with my wife for that matter. They had triplets and it’s amazing.’

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