Kim Kardashian celebrating Kanye West’s birthday in Japan


It’s Kanye West’s 40th birthday and he’ll eat sushi if he wants to! Kim Kardashian shared intimate photos from the rapper’s celebration in Japan, where the couple enjoyed a private dinner and traded in their forks for chopsticks.

While most celebrities make a lot of noise on their birthdays, Kanye West silently slipped under the radar for his 40th celebration. Without anybody knowing, the rapper resurfaced in Japan with wifey Kim Kardashian. The couples treated themselves with all the sushi that they can eat!

Two weeks after the fact, the reality star finally shared photos from their intimate evening on Instagram — and of course selfies are included. In true Japanese fashion the married couple enjoyed a romantic dinner together, where they sat on the floor in a private room with just two cushions, removed their shoes, and ate delicious sushi barefoot.

Usually birthdays are a BIG thing in the Kardashian family, but this year Kim and the “Famous” rapper chose to lay low in a foreign country without the paparazzi following closely behind.

Prior to their Tokyo trip, the duo spent four days at the exclusive, celebrity favorite Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club near Great Guana Cay.

For the extended weekend, the famous family and their guests got to call a luxurious villa home, complete with separate floors for each family. While you have to be a member of Baker’s Bay or be invited by a guest to stay, comparable mansions on a private island go for $44,000 a night. For four nights, that comes out to approximately $176,000.

Being rich and famous really has it perks, doesn’t it?

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