Natalie Portman ‘doesn’t know anything’ about Star Wars rumours

Natalie Portman doesn’t "know anything" about a potential ‘Star Wars’ return.

The Academy Award-winning actress – who played Padme Amidala in Episodes I to III of the sci-fi saga – has been linked with a return to the sci-fi franchise in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’, but at the moment, Natalie hasn’t heard anything about a potential return.

Asked about the rumours of her returning to ‘Star Wars’, Natalie admitted: "Oh really? I don’t know anything about that. I’m guessing that’s not true because I don’t know about it yet."

Despite playing a central role in the ‘Star Wars’ films, Natalie previously admitted she has mixed feelings about her children seeing her in the movies.

The 37-year-old actress – who has kids Aleph, seven, and Amalia, who was born in February 2017, with her husband Benjamin Millepied – confessed she was torn about the prospect of her kids seeing her in the franchise.

Explaining her concerns, Natalie said: "It’s kind of a shame.

"You know, when I made it, I was like, ‘This is going to be the coolest thing. One day when I have kids, I can show them.’ And boys, of course, are obsessed with it and know all about it before they’ve seen it. [But] I realised, I die in the movies. I feel like it’s kind of a scary thing to show your kid."

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