Oh Baby! Mindy Kaling Is Expecting Her First Child

Mindy Kaling is going to be the coolest mom ever.

Everyone, calm down!

In case you are a die-hard fan of Mindy Kaling, you best take a seat. The effervescent goddess of all things awesome is, in fact, pregnant. The Office alum and star of the forthcoming movie A Wrinkle in Time is expecting her first child and has no plans of slowing down.

A source told E! News that the 38-year-old actress plans to continue filming the final season of her hit Hulu series The Mindy Project. The insider also revealed that the future bundle of joy was “an unexpected surprise” for Kaling.

“I think I’ve decided that unlike everything else in my life, I’m going to be fast and loose about kids,” Kaling revealed in a previous interview. “I’m going to not actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen.”

From 2005-2007, the actress dated B.J. Novak (a.k.a Ryan “started the fire” Howard from The Office). She was later in a relationship with Benjamin Nugget from 2008-2012.

We couldn’t be happier for the effortlessly funny and beautiful Kaling! That is going to be one crazy awesome baby.

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